'Did you hear...'

Lucky for him. A couple of weeks ago, staffers for freshman Sen. Barack Obama inadvertently let the Illinois Democrat's domain name, www.barackobama.com, expire. Fortunately Pool.com, an Ottawa domain name reseller, spotted the URL on the secondary market and returned it to the senator. In a statement, Obama thanked Pool.com: 'In the wrong hands, a Web address can be used to mislead and misrepresent a public official's record.'

Innovative outsourcing? Officials of fast-food giant McDonald's Corp. told analysts the company might outsource select drive-through functions to remote call centers. So if you pull up for a Big Mac in, say, Virginia, it's possible someone in North Dakota might take your order.
McDonald's CEO Jim Skinner said professional call center operators could improve order accuracy. But doesn't the kid at the window still have to put the right burger in your bag?

Finding religion on eBay, Part 2. The same high bidder for a grilled-cheese sandwich that resembles the Virgin Mary (Buzz junkies will recall our Nov. 22 item) has snapped up a pretzel supposedly depicting Mary and Jesus. The winning bid submitted by the Golden Palace Casino in Antigua was $10,600, according to the Associated Press.

Can't believe we missed this. Last fall, inventors of the comb-over won a 2004 Ig Nobel award for their patented method of concealing baldness. That's right, the comb-over is patented. Go to GCN.com and type 387 in the GCN.com/box to read up on U.S. Patent No. 4,022,227. And consider the royalty payments next time you check your 'do in the mirror.

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