Navy hires General Dynamics for combat systems project

Navy hires General Dynamics for combat systems project

The Navy has awarded a five-year, $95 million contract to General Dynamics Corp. to help the service design a systems integration strategy for specialized combat applications.

Through the Open Architecture Track Manager project, the Navy wants to make it possible for its combat systems to receive and translate information from air, surface and subsurface sensors and then create an integrated picture of the battlespace. The manager will standardize interfaces and make platforms and systems interoperable, company officials said.

General Dynamics' advanced information systems unit will be 'assisting the Navy team in assessing a number of track managers,' said Herb Kaler, director of surface Navy programs for the company. 'We have a lot of experience in model-driven architecture, and both we and our teammates have been doing some of the testing at the open architecture test facility in Dahlgren, Va.'

Kaler said he did not yet know how many different track managers the company would help the Navy evaluate.

The track manager that is selected will be installed on many different air and sea craft. Additionally, 'we want to be able to tie into Marine Corps and Army systems, too,' he said.

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