'Did you hear...'

The Law of More. Last week, we mentioned the April 19, 1965, issue of Electronics Magazine quoting Gordon Moore, who went on to co-found Intel Corp. and become famous for formulating Moore's Law. Since then, a British engineer and pack rat dug out a copy of the magazine and collected the $10,000 Intel had offered on eBay for a copy in good condition. Intel's bounty also adhered to the law of unintended consequences, as university librarians had to hustle to corral their copies before someone could take one for the reward money. The librarians failed to find the matter amusing.

Domain game. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger assumed the title Pope Benedict XVI, but a layman beat him to the Web site www.benedictXVI.com. Roger Cadenhead, who before the new pope's selection had registered the domain along with those of other prospective papal names, said he intends to keep content on the site respectful. And it's unlikely the new pope would have used it anyway'the Vatican has its own site.

Well, how about the Brooklyn Bridge? An American businessman thought he'd recently bought himself some nice office digs in New Delhi, India, after paying $802,600 for a house for sale through a Web site, the Hindustan Times reported. He received the title in the mail and traveled to New Delhi to take possession'and then found out the house belongs to Prime Minister Mammohan Singh, who isn't planning on moving. Got any good leads? Move them to buzz@postnewsweektech.com.

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