IRMCO recognizes two for improving government

IRMCO recognizes two for improving government

CAMBRIDGE, Md.'Joseph Kays, an operations officer for the Defense Contract Management Agency, has led troops through unfriendly territory in Iraq, but his biggest accomplishment could be delivering fuel faster to soldiers in the field.

Kays used performance-based management techniques to get fuel authorized in less than 24 hours instead of the 72 hours it previously took. For his transformational business practices, Kays yesterday received the 2005 Interagency Resources Management Conference's 2005 individual award.

"This is quite an honor," he said during a luncheon ceremony. "We relied on the General Services Administration schedule to purchase supplies and get them flown into the areas that need them."

Kays, one of three finalists and 23 nominees, became the fourth straight Defense Department official to win the individual award.

IRMCO also recognized the Geological Survey's National Center for Earth Resources Observation and Science with a 2005 team award for relief work after the December 2004 tsunami.

EROS provided 600,000 files, about 4.8T of data, in the first eight weeks after the tsunami to U.S. and foreign disaster relief agencies and humanitarian organizations. The transmissions used 70 percent of the EROS network's bandwidth during January.

The USGS team was one of three finalists and 66 nominees for the seventh annual award.

The CIO Council also presented its second annual awards to federal IT employees who demonstrated commitment to advancing and substantially improving the way the government does business.

The council recognized:

  • The GSA and DOD SmartBuy team that completed an enterprise license deal with Oracle Corp. last month

  • Dennis Heretick, the Justice Department's chief information security officer, for his work on cybersecurity

  • Dagne Fulcher of the Office of Personnel Management, for her work on the IT Workforce Assessment Survey and the Capability Planning and Analysis Tool.

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