Major programs within DOE

Extended Common Integrated Technology Program. The department's seat management program, known as Excite, is contracted via task orders to RSIS Inc., the department's second-largest IT vendor. It includes a common operating environment for DOE headquarters, and a consolidated help desk. 'We have 3,200 [seats] currently implemented and 800 to go,' said CIO Rose Parks. DOE has been planning the project for two years and installing equipment for about a year.

Architecture and Management Program. The CIO Office coordinates development of an enterprise architecture to make common, reliable data available to all DOE organizations and reduce overlapping systems.

Advanced Scientific Computing Program. The department's 'big iron' program pioneers advanced systems research. Various projects at the program's Center for Computational Sciences in Oak Ridge, Tenn., and elsewhere work to increase the speed of the world's fastest computers and make breakthroughs in areas from grid computing to nanotechnology and fusion energy.

Procurement Modernization. The department's Procurement Modernization Strategic Information Management Team plans to issue a contract later this year to overhaul DOE's acquisition systems. The project is intended to develop a departmentwide automated acquisition and financial assistance system.

Wide Area Network For Remote High-Performance Computing. Sandia National Laboratory plans to issue a contract for about $9 million to build a multigigabit-per-second WAN, possibly by the end of 2005. The network would support remote high-performance computing between Sandia in New Mexico and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. The department issued a request for information in February to quiz vendors about the technology.

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