DISA solicits circuit bids

Valuerd in $500 million range

By Bob Brewin

The Defense Information Systems Agency released late today (June 16) its Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) Access Transport Services Contract (DATS) contract proposal valued in the $500 million range.

The contract will provide DISA with up to 5,000 circuits connecting military bases with DISA' Global Information Grid-Bandwidth Expansion fiber optic backbone network which should have just under than 90 nodes by this fall.

The DATS procurement documents call for contractors to provide circuit ranging from voice grade 3Khz voice circuits to broadband fiber optic data networks operating at speeds up to 10 gbps.

DISA has split the DATS procurement into four regional contacts covering the west, Midwest, southeast and northeast portion of the continental United States and both regional carriers such as Qwest Communications and national carriers such as MCI and AT&T are expected to bid on one or more of the contracts.

Last month Tony Montemarano, the agency's GIG-BE program director, said the DATS procurement ranked as one of the largest acquisitions in DISA's pipeline.

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