Navy signs $5m automated warehouse deal

The Navy awarded a $4.8 million contract to General Dynamics Corp. for the development and demonstration of a land-based, automated warehouse system to be used aboard ships.

The Advanced Technical Institute of Charleston, S.C., issued the award through the Office of Naval Research in Arlington, Va., to General Dynamics' armament and technical products business unit, the company said in a release.

The automated storage and retrieval system will accept a palletized load from a forklift and automatically identify it through radio frequency identification. It will verify the load size and weight, then securely stow the load in the hold of a ship.

The storage and retrieval technology allows for automatic inventory and total visibility of all materiel in a ship's hold. The system's design adapts to a wide variety of ship and hold configurations.

General Dynamics will provide systems engineering, performance analysis, design and manufacturing support, and ship integration guidance. Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems Ltd. of Grand Rapids, Mich., will oversee design and production of the system's land-based demonstrator as a subcontractor.

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