CMS Products' ABSplus

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100G backup and storage package

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CMS Products' ABSplus

Whether you manage a small shop or run a large enterprise, backup and storage packages should be near the top of your shopping list. ABSplus by CMS Products Inc. of Costa Mesa, Calif., is a 100G hard drive that connects easily to your PC via a USB 2.0 cable.

With 100G of space, the 480-Mbps transfer rates of USB 2.0 are essential in effectively using this peripheral. The GCN Lab also found that these fast transfer rates, combined with the small 1.1- by 5- by 3-inch form factor and 7-ounce weight, make it ideal for moving large files, such as MPEGs or bitmaps.

The ABSplus works on Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP, and CMS has a FireWire-equivalent drive that we used to review on a Mac OS X platform. Both of these drives are bus powered, which means that the electricity that powers the peripheral comes from the computer it's attached to. The benefit of bus-powered peripherals is that you don't need to carry clunky power plugs when on the road.

CMS Products also offers the ABS in 40G, 60G and 80G versions. The 100G version that we reviewed goes for about $340 and is well worth the cost; bundled software called BounceBack Professional makes the ABSplus more than just a drive. BounceBack provides the user with the ability to use the ABSplus as a boot disk and comes with software that restores lost or deleted data.

Likewise, BounceBack lets users schedule backups and create sets of data that must be periodically backed up, as well as back up data through a network.

For the last month we've been using 100G CMS ABSplus drives in the lab and have found their speed, reliability and capacity invaluable, particularly for ghosting and storing operating systems or working with large files.

We also use the ABSplus to create target-specific routine backups of our processor benchmark results. It only takes a couple of steps to perform these backups, and the small size of the unit lets us transfer these files to other networks in our enterprise.

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