Perfit Optical Mouse with Scroll Wheel

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Perfit Optical Mouse with Scroll Wheel

In the world of computer mice, one company is showing that one size does not fit all, at least comfortably.

The Perfit Mouse from Contour Design Inc. of Windham, N.H., has all the standard features you would find in an ergonomically designed product. It reduces pressure on the wrist by keeping it off your desk. It also helps maintain a straighter wrist alignment and minimizes lateral deviation. And it balances the hand in a neutral, tilted posture that prevents static grip by allowing the hand to rock freely.

Like most ergonomic mice, gripping it for the first time will feel odd. Your hand is slightly tilted to one side, so that it feels a bit like you need to hold on tightly to avoid slipping off. But this is because you're probably used to working in nonperfect conditions if you're at a computer everyday. Humans are great at adapting to their environment. You may be developing carpal tunnel, but you will be able to work that old mouse well while doing it.

But the Perfit Mouse goes beyond just ergonomic benefits. It is also sized correctly to suit your hand. Most male users that we tested are perfect for the medium size, which means their hands from the wrist to the fingertips are between 6.75 inches and 7.5 inches. Most women would use the small size, which means their hands are between 6.25 inches and 6.75 inches. There is even an extra-large size for those really big folks among us with hands bigger than 8.25 inches.

Because the mouse tilts, it does matter if you are left- or right-handed. But thankfully there are mice for both groups.

We tested a new model of Perfit Mouse with a scroll wheel on the side. This is much better than the topside scroll wheel because you can scroll from a point where your index finger is naturally resting, at least in an ergonomic setup.

The mouse itself is the optical variety that you can get in either PS2 or USB configuration. It is an 800-dpi mouse, so it is extremely accurate and has all the benefits of laser mice, such as no performance degradation over time due to dirt and lint buildup.

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John Breeden II is a freelance technology writer for GCN.

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