The lowdown on HCM

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The Human Factor

What is Human Capital Management? HCM supports the notion that workers are valuable resources you can develop for mutual benefit. It goes beyond traditional HR payroll or benefits applications to apply business intelligence to staffing issues. HCM can be very broad, with suites of tools for maximizing personnel, or very targeted, such as programs for recruiting employees.

Why might I need an HCM solution? To find, develop and retain workers and maximize their talents to meet the needs of an agency. HCM can help agencies build business cases for HR-related initiatives and identify ways to cost-justify programs.

What are the most important criteria for selecting HCM software? Make sure the HCM software you choose can integrate with'or at least exchange data with'your existing HR or ERP software. You'll need that data to get the most out of an HCM system.

What other things should an agency consider when choosing an HCM solution? Security, so you can keep employee data confidential; compliance, so you can meet all relevant regulations and policies; and reporting, so you can produce information in the form you need it.

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