'Did you hear...'

Blog was here. In response to our recent request for an alternative to the term 'blog,' which has the aural appeal of a wet mackerel upside the head, a reader in Louisiana suggests 'graf,' as in graffiti. He cites the American Heritage definition: 'any scrawling written or drawn so as to be seen by the general public, as on a wall or lavatory door.' The term might be confused with the short name for paragraph, but it does capture the writer's opinion. 'You can see I put a lot of credence into the bloat of blog,' he writes.

Blog out there. Meanwhile, a lot of those writings could be headed for space. A Florida company, MindComet, is offering a free service at www.BloginSpace.com'headline on the site: 'Aliens Love Blogs Too!''that will feed your blog to the universe, thus increasing the chance of finding a reader. Just register your graf's URL and off it goes, joining reruns of 'I Love Lucy' and 'Petticoat Junction' as Earth's ambassadors in search of higher intelligence.

Digital voodoo? Microsoft Corp.'s new Virtual Earth Web site (www.virtualearth.com), which lets users zoom in on maps and Geological Survey aerial photographs, included a curious look at the headquarters of a certain computer company in Cupertino, Calif. Anyone looking for a photo of Apple Computer Inc.'s sprawling campus got a grainy, black-and-white 1991 photo showing an old warehouse and an empty parking lot. Photos of other places were, surprisingly, more current. Microsoft officials gave the Associated Press a windy, yadda-yadda explanation about the site being in the testing phase and older images possibly slipping in. Can't anyone just admit to having a little fun anymore? Send us your choice grafs at [email protected].

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