Blog paranoia strikes deep

Want to know what bloggers are saying about your agency? Want to know what your agency employees are blogging? Sure, there are ways of monitoring blogs through RSS feeds and other tools, but that could be a pain.

Cymfony Inc. of Watertown, Mass., offers a managed service based on information extraction and text-mining technology it developed for the intelligence community over the past eight years. Although agencies don't currently use the company's Digital Consumer Insight (it's currently targeted at corporations), CEO Andrew Bernstein said they could. Cymfony's technology employs semantic understanding to capture parts of speech in unstructured information and put it into context. In other words, it knows when someone is griping about Homeland Security instead of lamenting the state of homeland security.

For an annual recurring license fee of $35,000 to $55,000, agencies specify what they want to monitor (it's highly customizable) and end up with a Web dashboard that shows statistics.

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