OPM's IT staff keeps work in-house with A-76 win

Fifty-two Office of Personnel Management IT workers in Macon, Ga., determined they could save about $900,000 over five years by re-engineering how they do their jobs.

The IT specialists developed a proposal under the streamlined competition rules of OMB Circular A-76 to improve how they do their work and save money, including cutting overtime by 40 percent. Officials compared their proposal to private-sector prices for similar work under the General Services Administration's Federal Supply Service schedule. OPM found its employees could do the work for $9 million less than the private sector over five years.

The streamlined competition under A-76 lets agencies compete 65 or fewer employee positions by either soliciting proposals from contractors or conducting market research from multiple award schedule contracts.

This is the second A-76 competition IT workers in at the Macon, Ga., facility have won in the past year. Last September, OPM awarded, through a streamlined competition, a competitive sourcing study to 21 computer assistants and one building management assistant in the facility's Division for Human Resources Products and Services' Center for Talent Services.

'The record of OPM in keeping jobs in-house in public-private competition is excellent and confirms fairness of the process,' said Ron Flom, OPM's deputy associate director for contracting, facilities and administrative services. 'The results of the building operations and customer service activity competition in no way reflect the quality of work of these employees. It simply is a matter of economics and the need to provide taxpayers with quality, lower-cost service.'

Employees have won 12 of 13 streamlined competitions and one of two standard competitions since the new A-76 rules came into effect in 2003.

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