Flatron L1981Q LCD monitor

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Price: $699

Web: www.lgusa.com

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Flatron L1981Q LCD monitor

The Flatron L1981Q from LG Electronics USA Inc. of Englewood Cliffs, N.J., is a capable and accurate LCD monitor with an interesting twist. It's designed with a special double-hinged arm that lets it tilt back on itself.

Let's say a visitor is sitting on the other side of your desk. You pull up some records on your PC and simply tilt the Flatron monitor backward until it flips over facing the other person.

Special software ensures that the visitor does not have to look at an upside-down image for long. Once the monitor detects that it is tilting, it will reorient the image. The same thing happens when you return it to its normal position.

Aside from the tilt feature, the Flatron L1981Q is also quite a nice display unit. It has a quick, 8-millisecond response time, so moving graphics and even movies look great with no artifacts appearing on the screen.

The monitor's 19-inch screen also accurately displays colors. In our testing, the Flatron L1981Q exhibited no moir' ef- fects'swirling motions behind the colors'or similar problems, even when it displayed complex images or was positioned in its reverse orientation.

In addition to doing back flips, the Flatron L1981Q is also quite an acrobat in other ways. It can fold down for long-term storage and rotate from portrait to landscape mode. It's truly double-jointed.

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John Breeden II is a freelance technology writer for GCN.

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