EPA launches streamlined competition for IT projects

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued streamlined competition announcements for a handful of IT-related projects at three of its regional offices. EPA said the services for each competition are currently performed by government employees.

The streamlined competition under Office of Management and Budget Circular A-76 lets agencies compete 65 or fewer employee positions by either soliciting proposals from contractors or conducting market research from multiple award schedule contracts. EPA will compare at least three vendors prices for the functions, and then make a determination in 90 days of who should do the job.

In one posting, EPA said it is seeking computing and database management services for its Region Four office in Atlanta. All inquiries for this posting are due Dec. 28.

EPA also posted a streamlined competition for application development, IT training and LAN administration services for its Region Nine headquarters in San Francisco. The end date for this competition is Dec. 21.

The agency initiated a competition for data entry and reporting services in its Region Seven office in Kansas City, Kan., with the competition ending Dec. 29.

In addition, EPA said it will end a competition Dec. 29 for its Geographical Information Systems services in Atlanta.

Meanwhile, the agency said it decided to retain its IT support in-house after completing a streamlined competition earlier this year.


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