NGA calls on Boeing for global geospatial security data work

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has awarded the Boeing Co. approximately $24 million in new orders under the Global Geospatial Intelligence contract for a range of services, the company has announced.

The GGI is a 10-year program that began in 2003 to use government-funded and open-source technologies to speed up the production, analysis and delivery of time-sensitive intelligence imagery.

Boeing's work will be used by military and homeland security agencies, as well as commercial aviation and shipping.

Tasks the company will carry out include assembling geospatial feature data of high security risk areas worldwide, producing detailed maps of cities in Iraq and Southeast Asia, as well as digital nautical charts to improve maritime safety, and plotting vertical obstructions for more than 50 airfields around the world.

The company also will continue enhancing radar data of the Earth from a previous space shuttle mission, and provide image analysis personnel and project management support to NGA throughout the Washington area.

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