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Government might run on IT systems, but the key to success is control of information. In 2006, data will take center stage. Here is a collection of online resources readers may find useful.

Data Reference Model

Second draft of the DRM

GAO Reports

These are some of the recent reports issued by the Government Accountability Office on different aspects of data, from issues of control and reliability to mining, sharing and management. Other reports may be found by searching the GAO Web site

Assessing the Reliability of Computer-Processed Data

Record Linkage and Privacy: Issues in Creating New Federal Research and Statistical Information

Workforce Investment Act: Labor and States Have Taken Actions to Improve Data Quality, but Additional Steps Are Needed

Data Mining: Agencies Have Taken Key Steps to Protect Privacy in Selected Efforts, but Significant Compliance Issues Remain

Data Mining: Federal Efforts Cover a Wide Range of Uses

Data Mining: Results and Challenges for Government Program Audits and Investigations

Geographic Information Systems: Challenges to Effective Data Sharing

Information Technology: Terrorist Watch Lists Should Be Consolidated to Promote Better Integration and Sharing

Information Management: Challenges in Managing and Preserving Electronic Records


S 1169, Federal Agency Data-Mining Reporting Act of 2005

There are many pieces of legislation in which aspects of data management are included, such as the reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act, which Congress will be addressing when it reconvenes at the end of January. Readers may search for relevant bills and laws at the Library of Congress Web site.

Other Links

The Homeland Security Department's inspector general issued a report in October on faulty data obstructing the pursuit of individuals who overstayed their visas. Senior Writer Wilson Dizard covered the story for GCN.

Frank Dravis, the guru of 'dirty data' problems, runs a blog here. Dravis also participated in a GCN interview last summer.


  • senior center (vuqarali/

    Bmore Responsive: Home-grown emergency response coordination

    Working with the local Code for America brigade, Baltimore’s Health Department built a new contact management system that saves hundreds of hours when checking in on senior care centers during emergencies.

  • man checking phone in the dark (Maridav/

    AI-based ‘listening’ helps VA monitor vets’ mental health

    To better monitor veterans’ mental health, especially during the pandemic, the Department of Veterans Affairs is relying on data and artificial intelligence-based analytics.

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