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Name game. US-CERT and Mitre Corp. are pushing to standardize the naming of viruses and other malware. Protecting systems becomes more difficult when the bugs travel under a mixture of monikers. The recent worm commonly called Kama Sutra, for instance, was variously identified as Kapser, MyWife, Blackmal and about a half-dozen other names. One company called it Nyxem.D, another Nyxem.E. The resulting confusion can slow patching and overburden help desks. The Common Malware Enumeration initiative, started last year, would establish a common numbering system. Kama Sutra, for instance, was dubbed CME-24. Sure, it might take some of the romance out of calling malicious code 'LoveBug.' But infection always takes the romance out of it anyway, if you know what we mean.

A telling message. In a development made inevitable by e-mail, cell phones and wireless PDAs, the telegram has gone the way of the smoke signal and the Pony Express. On Jan. 27, Western Union announced'on its Web site'that it was ending 'all Telegram and Commercial Messaging services.' Thus ends a 150-year operation that was once bleeding-edge. And so, the Internet claims another victim in the name of progress. At least we'll always have bicycle messengers.

Congress loses the Wiki vote. The volunteer team managing the Wikipedia online encyclopedia,, has criticized congressional offices for treating the free reference source as little more than a propaganda tool. Evidently, some staff offices on Capitol Hill took full advantage of the democratic Wiki environment, replacing critical descriptions of their congresscritters' history with more flattering, campaign-ad-type material. So much so, in fact, that Wikipedia managers dropped editing privileges for the range of IP addresses Congress uses for its Internet connectivity. 'The editors from these IP ranges have been rude, abrasive, immature, and show disregard for Wikipedia policy,' the managers decreed.

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