EPA initiates A-76 competition for database services

The Environmental Protection Agency has launched an analysis into whether program database management services currently performed by government employees at its San Francisco office should be turned over to the private sector in hopes of reducing costs.

In a notice, EPA said the streamlined competition under Office of Management and Budget Circular A-76 began March 1 and is projected to end May 26.

Streamlined competition under Circular A-76 lets agencies compete 65 or fewer employee positions for inherently commercial tasks by either soliciting proposals from contractors or conducting market research from multiple-award schedule contracts. Under the rules, an agency must compare at least three vendors' prices for the functions and make a determination in 90 days of who should perform the work.

EPA, in this case, said it would perform market research to determine whether the private sector could perform these functions at a cheaper price.

The agency recently concluded a streamlined competition for various IT support services at its offices in Atlanta, San Francisco and Kansas City, Kan., and decided to keep these functions in-house.

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