GCN Insider: Get your free IDS here

Running a small network, maybe at a remote or regional office, and haven't yet tried intrusion detection/protection? StillSecure of Superior, Colo., could hook you up for nothing. The company recently made available a free version of its Strata Guard IDS/IPS software, which is built around the open-source Snort platform. Company officials said StillSecure wanted 'to give back to the community.'

Strata Guard Free can monitor network streams up to 5 Mbps, so it's definitely not for everyone. But it's full-featured, not some stripped-down version, and it can automatically download rule updates as StillSecure's team churns them out. If you've got a spare Pentium 4 lying around, you can toss the Strata Guard software on there and you should be good to go (the download also comes with
the required hardened Linux). Visit www.stillsecure.org to check out the details and make sure you can run Strata Guard with your existing firewall.

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