Defense officials advocate for speedier acquisition process

The Defense Information Systems Agency CIO, decrying the injustice of troops in the battlefield being forced to do without the kinds of technolgies they had at home, called recently for renewed efforts toward meaningful acquisition reforms.

'It is to me a moral issue,' DISA CIO John Garing said, 'that young people in Iraq in their early 20s or late teens leave their homes where they have high-speed Internet and yet we can't seem to do that because we get in our own way.'

'The speed is an issue. Requirements are an issue [as is] our ability to move quickly and produce things that people can touch and feel before they grow old,' Garing said. He and Kevin Carroll, the Army's program executive officer for enterprise information systems, addressed an audience at the FOSE trade show. Other factors in slowing the acquisition process are the large number of people required to sign off on acquisitions and that DOD expects its agencies to lay out a program's requirements years before the program is even developed, Garing added.

'Fifty-five people in the Army have to say yes. Fifty-five people in the DOD have to say yes. That doesn't make sense,' Carroll said. While there need to be checks and balances, acquisition decisions should be accomplished more efficiently, he said.

Defense data center taps SRA again for EA, database support

The Defense Department has awarded SRA International Inc. a two-year task order contract worth up to $17 million for enterprise architecture and database management to support the Defense Manpower Data Center.
The Defense Manpower Data Center maintains an archive of personnel, manpower, training, security and financial data for the Defense Department.

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