Taking aim at distance, cost of quantum crypto

Earlier this month, MagiQ Technologies of New York City published a joint white paper with Verizon Communications Inc. describing what it claims are important findings for enabling deployment of quantum cryptography. The two companies had been working to demonstrate that MagiQ's technology could be used to perform quantum cryptography over long distances without the need for costly, dedicated fiber optic lines.

The paper, In-Band Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) on Fiber Populated by High-Speed Classical Data Channels, was presented this month at an optical industry conference in Anaheim, Calif.

'Distance and cost have been the obstacles for the commercialization of quantum cryptography,' said Bob Gelfond, CEO and founder of MagiQ.

The paper describes how MagiQ and Verizon used several MaqiQ QPN 7505 gateways to bridge 80-kilometer spans in Verizon's commercial fiber infrastructure, which indicates that it's possible to deploy quantum cryptography throughout a metro-scale network.

In addition, the two companies demonstrated quantum keys and other optical signals sharing a single strand of fiber. According to MagiQ officials, quantum cryptography traditionally requires a dedicated dark fiber strand, which could be costly to procure. Transmitting keys over existing fiber could dramatically reduce deployment costs.

In a statement release in Anaheim, Gelfond said the findings indicated that quantum cryptography could be 'ready for prime time.'


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