Trusted handhelds can be easy to manage

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Handheld devices, such as the BlackBerry and the Palm Treo, can be management headaches. No wonder there's so much software Advil on the market.

Trust Digital of McLean, Va., offers Trust Digital 2005 Mobile Edition. It integrates with all the major handheld synchronization systems, including BlackBerry Enterprise Server, GoodLink and now Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync. It can do a slew of things, from FIPS 140-2-certified encryption, to password management, to application/image management. According to Vizay Kotikalapudi, a Trust Digital program manager, the Navy is using the software to shut down mobile device features such as Bluetooth.

But you might want to wait a couple months. The upcoming Trust Digital 2006 will support a critical feature, Kotikalapudi said'the ability to provision handheld devices wirelessly. If you can avoid laying hands on every device in your enterprise, you can avoid the biggest headache of all.

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