FAA mulls offer from Raytheon to modernize terminal displays

The Federal Aviation Administration has said it is considering negotiating a contract with two companies to modernize terminal network systems at airports in four cities.

In a recent notice, FAA said it is mulling an offer from Raytheon Co. and its subcontractor Lockheed Martin Corp. to replace displays and upgrade processors and LANs at terminal facilities in Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis and St. Louis.

'After review of a formal proposal submission including cost and price, the FAA will determine if this proposal represents the 'best value' to the FAA,' the notice said. 'Such a proposal has the potential to accelerate the fielding of much-needed display upgrades. It may also offer the opportunity to reduce long-term acquisition and support costs.'

If FAA does not accept the offer, it would consider initiating a competition for the requirements, the notice said.

Raytheon already won a contract to modernize FAA computer and display systems used in Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACONs) centers to control services to aircraft in the airspace immediately around airport terminals. Airport towers hand off control of air traffic to TRACONs after takeoff.

The agency began implementing Raytheon's Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System in phases in June 2003 and hopes to complete the first phase by the end of fiscal 2007.


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