USPS orders more wireless asset management systems

The Postal Service is expanding its use of asset management systems that help track the agency's industrial power vehicles.

I.D. Systems Inc. of Hackensack, N.J., said today that USPS ordered the Wireless Asset Net management system at 16 locations, bringing the total number of agency facilities the company is serving to 38.

The new orders, made under the terms of an existing three-year contract, are valued at $5.6 million, the company said.

Consisting of wireless devices installed on industrial vehicles such as forklifts and pallet movers, the Wireless Asset Net helps organizations track and maintain the location and status of such vehicles.

The system also restricts vehicle access to trained, authorized operators and provides electronic safety inspection checklists.

Meanwhile, Postmaster General John Potter today lauded USPS' use of technology which, he said, is helping'not hindering'the agency's growth.

'It wasn't long ago that some of the pundits thought that total mail volume would be in steep decline by 2006, as hard-copy mail became obsolete,' Potter said at the annual National Postal Forum in Orlando, Fla. 'They were wrong.'

Potter said total mail volume'electronic and paper'grew last year to a new record of 212 billion pieces, growth that has been aided by USPS' online services.


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