Most agency EAs pass rigorous 2.0 assessment

Agencies passed their toughest test yet in proving their enterprise architectures are complete, are being used and are producing results.

The Office of Management and Budget completed evaluating agency modernization blueprints March 31 and found 80 percent met all the criteria to receive a green under the President's Management Agenda, said Richard Burk, OMB's chief architect. Agencies did well, Burk said, even though IT officials expressed concern over the addition of new criteria under Framework 2.0.

'A lot of people thought they were going to go to yellow because we added use and results, but that was not the case,' Burk said yesterday at an EA conference sponsored by the Digital Government Institute in Washington. 'The results were a little overblown because of the [Internet Protocol version 6] and IPv4 criteria. But the scores are what they are.'

Burk would not say how specific agencies scored, except to say the departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development, Interior and Labor ranked among the highest in all three categories.

He did say that, overall, agencies averaged a 3.3 out of 5 for completion; 3.2 for use; and 2.9 for results.

With the progress of agencies, Burk said OMB wants to match stronger agencies with ones that need help. He met with the Chief Architects Forum yesterday and will meet with the CIO Council's Architecture and Infrastructure Committee to discuss how to facilitate the agency-to-agency assistance.

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