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NO COMPLAINTS: The Xerox Phaser 6350DP wasn't just fast. It blew away our color graphics tests.

Pros: Fastest printer in review, good color accuracy

Cons: None significant

Price: $1,799

Print speed: A+

Color accuracy: A

Features: A

Value: A

Don't blink when you print a document on the Xerox Phaser 6350DP or else you might miss it. The printer is blazingly fast in both color and black-and-white printing. As such, it could serve extremely large workgroups with very little chance of bottlenecks forming around the printer.

It printed our 30-page text document in just 58 seconds, the only printer able to complete this task in less than a minute and thus the only one able to actually claim a 30-page-per-minute speed.

But the real shocker came when it was printing our 30-page graphics document. It spit out the complex pages in just one minute and 18 seconds. This is not only the best in this review, beating the closest competitor by a minute, but it's also the fastest time the lab has ever recorded for a full-color print test.

Workers probably won't even have enough time to walk over to the printer before the output is ready. The pages fly out without any of the pauses that plagued some other systems.

Of course, all that raw speed would be worthless if the images were not rendered properly.

Thankfully, the 6350DP does a good job here as well. Text was crisp, readable and sufficiently dark on the page. Graphics rendered accurately with fine details, such as glass reflections, reproduced where many other printers could not.

The one minor problem was that some images actually printed brighter than they should, leading to a bit of washout in photos that started out bright. This was extremely minor and mostly unnoticeable.

The Xerox has one of the best LCD screens in the review. It gives you helpful information beyond just the status of toner cartridges.

The most important thing it tells you is what the printer's working on and what part of the document it's currently printing. So if you walk up to the printer you'll know by glancing at the screen if it's working on page 12 or 120.

The 6350DP sports an interesting design that includes a clear plastic cover that sits under the paper return area. Looking through the cover you can see where the four-toner cartridges are mounted.

Users should have no problem replacing the cartridges, since they are all easily accessible without even cracking open the printer. You just have to lift the transparent cover to get at them.

With a good price, excellent color matching and more speed than we've ever before seen in a printer of these specs, the 6350DP was hands-down our favorite color workgroup printer. It would be a fine addition to any office.

Xerox Corp., Stamford, Conn., (800) 275-9376, www.xerox.com.

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John Breeden II is a freelance technology writer for GCN.

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