New anti-crime e-training tools

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.'The Secret Service will be making available a collection of interactive and Web-based training tools later this year to state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

Speaking before an audience at Techno Security 2006, Special Agent Stanley Crowder said that production work on 'Forward Edge II,' a training program for first-responder police officers on several aspects of electronic crimes, is almost completed and more than 60,000 sets of the tools should be available by late summer or early fall.

FE2 will include CD-ROMs that provide field guides to a wide range of resources in all 50 states, and virtual environment tests that give officers a chance to scan different locations for a variety of electronic media they should watch for. It also will have a DVD with video enactments of three common electronic crimes investigations, such as online solicitation of minors, and discussions by widely respected experts such as Richard Clarke, the former White House counterterrorism adviser, on future trends in electronic crimes.

In addition, Crowder said, there are plans to set up a Web site that will provide online education, training and testing.

'We are trying to get [the Web site program] vetted as continuing-education credit in all 50 states,' Crowder said.

'The target audience for this is not the technical investigator but the local officer, the local investigator,' he said.

Funding for the program is tight, so the Secret Service will be distributing the tools in bulk to its field offices around the country. State and local law enforcement agencies will receive letters that FE2 is available, and that they should contact their nearest Secret Service field office to request a copy, Crowder said.

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