University of New Hampshire revamps storage plan

The University of New Hampshire has crafted an enterprise-wide storage blueprint and plans to award a contract later this month to implement its design.

UNH's likely-to-expand Microsoft Exchange application prompted the school to think about storage, noted Tom Franke, assistant vice president and chief information officer with UNH's Computing and Information Services. But the university decided to widen its focus.

'The time was right to look at the whole architecture, instead of looking at one application,' Franke said.

UNH retained GlassHouse Technologies, a storage consultant, to help devise its storage strategy. GlassHouse helped the Durham, N.H., campus assess its requirements and prepared a 'strategic roadmap' and an implementation program for building the new storage infrastructure, according to GlassHouse.

A contract to field the storage environment is in the offing. Franke said the university is evaluating proposals. An award is expected late this month.

The school's new storage infrastructure will offer greater scalability, higher storage utilization, and the ability to create storage tiers with varying price points and service-level agreements, GlassHouse said.

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John Moore is a freelance writer based in Syracuse, N.Y.


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