Army drafts IBM to run military research project

The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and the U.K. Ministry of Defense have awarded IBM Corp. a $135.8 million contract to perform research and development of technology on secure wireless and sensor networks that can enable communication between military forces.

IBM will lead a consortium called the International Technology Alliance, which is comprised of defense contractors Boeing Co., Honeywell International Inc. of Morristown, N.J., and academic and governmental organizations.

The consortium will conduct research in network theory, security across a system of systems, sensor information processing and delivery, and distributed coalition planning and decision-making. Each area of research will receive technical guidance provided by a team of three researchers'one each from the U.K. government, the ARL and one consortium member.

'This International Technology Alliance allows us to focus innovation and insight from the best in our industry and university communities on both sides of the Atlantic on the scientific enablers of net-centric warfare,' said Thomas Killion, Army chief scientist. It will build a base of shared fundamental knowledge that will help to facilitate future coalition operations.'

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