InFocus Work Big IN26

InFocus Work Big IN26

Pros: Excellent color matching, good value

Cons: Limited inputs, basic remote control

Price: $999

Features: B+

Brightness: A-

Color quality: A

Portability: B

Value: A+

The IN26 is a lot like your basic economy car. There's nothing really wrong with it, and it will get you to work every time. But this budget $999 DLP is missing a lot of the bells and whistles found on other units in this review.

The IN26 is a little heavy at 5.95 pounds, but comes with one nice extra'sound. In fact, sound is incorporated somewhat into the controls. The unit will beep when it boots up or shuts down, giving audio clues to a user at times when there are normally visual ones.

The unit has enough inputs to handle most presentations, including RGB, video and S-video ports. The remote control is a bit basic, which seems odd because it's pretty big. It could have been designed in a credit card format instead of the giant, TV remote-like form it took (minus all the control buttons of a TV remote).

The IN26 is extremely bright, beating out our conference room control unit and several others in this review. At the center of the image, it produced a 900-lumen image. Drop-off at the corners was minuscule, down to 850 lumens in one corner. However, it did exhibit an odd characteristic in that the left side of the screen was brighter than the right. The lower left corner was actually brighter (910 lumens) than the center of the screen. The total difference from left to right was only about 60 lumens total, so your eye can't tell the difference.

Color accuracy was spot on, with perfect reds and blues and nearly perfect greens. The IN26 was equally well balanced for displaying static images, with text that looked good down to 6-point size. The unit even performed well on our video tests.

The IN26 is not exactly portable at nearly 12 inches across and nine inches wide, though you can fit it into a bag if you really need to. Overall it's a great budget DLP. For what you pay, you get a solid workhorse with good performance.

InFocus Corp., Wilsonville, Ore., (800) 660-0024,


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