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GCN Lab: 2006 in review

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The top six of 2006

Sendio I.C.E. Box

It's usually difficult to pick one product that the lab reviewed in a year and say unequivocally that it was the best. In fact, it's usually difficult to pare it down to just five or six.

This year, however, we found one product that not only was the best in its class, but one that might just be on the forefront of change for an entire industry.

The Sendio I.C.E. Box is an anti-spam appliance that looks at spam in a different way than filtering appliances do.

It challenges every single sender that is not pre-authorized to verify that they are who they say they are before letting their e-mail pass. In two months of testing, the I.C.E. box knocked down over a billion spam-laden e-mails. This is a feat that most filtering appliances could not accomplish.

Spammers may eventually find a way around this challenge-and-response protocol, but for now, it remains the best of the best for 2006, earning the I.C.E. the ultimate Reviewer's Choice award.

Sendio I.C.E. Box, Sendio Inc., (949)743-9510,

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