Pa. chooses PKI to manage first-responder access cards

Pennsylvania has chosen a public key infrastructure to manage their digital certificates for their First Responder Authentication Cards.

The FRAC card is a Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 compliant card issued specifically to emergency response personnel. FRAC would allow first responders to enter government buildings and secure areas if situations such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks.

The standardized digital infrastructure will help the state manage their first responders and allow them to adjust to emergencies by distributing personnel to where they're needed most.

'The selection of a universal standard across the state will allow Pennsylvania to better organize, account for, and identify first responders in the event of an emergency,' said Pennsylvania's Deputy for Information Technology Kristen Miller. 'Additionally, the Commonwealth can leverage its credentials in encryption, digital signing, and strong authentication services.'

Pennsylvania chose VeriSign's Shared Service Provider PKI for FRAC.

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