Altiris offers tools for Vista migration

Altiris Inc. today released new software to ease migration to Windows Vista for organizations ready to make the move to Microsoft's latest operating system.

The Lindon, Utah-based company offers automated hardware inventory assessment, application compatibility mitigation and data and setting software that can help reduce the time and costs associated with Vista deployment, said Mark Magee, director of product marketing with Altiris.

Some major federal agencies are delaying the move to Vista because they see no compelling business reason to migrate at this time. However, for those organizations that are considering the move, Altiris is offering Deployment Solution 6.8 SP1 with support for Windows Vista.

Deployment Solution offers operating system and software deployment, configuration and computer personality migration capabilities, Magee said.

More than 70 percent of Altiris' customers who are considering the move are concerned about application compatibility, he said. They're concerned about customized, mission-critical applications not working with new operating-system software. As a result, Altiris is offering the Application Compatibility Suite, which lets IT administrators diagnose and ferret out application-related barriers to Vista deployment.

Application Compatibility Suite includes:
  • Application Control Solution software that preserves the security benefits of user account control while maintaining an efficient and user-friendly application environment within Vista.
  • Altiris Software Virtualization Solution technology places trusted applications in a virtual, protected area of Windows so they can continue to function as originally intended.
  • Wise Package Studio software helps organizations package or repackage existing applications as a Windows Installer package to help deliver more optimal Windows Vista installations.

The virtualization technology will be helpful to organizations that want to run older applications while migrating to Vista, Magee said. Many compatibility issues are related to file conflicts. For instance, 'some older files that are available in Windows XP are not available in Vista,' yet some organizations' applications may rely on those older XP files, he said. If those applications are deployed in a virtual environment, they can run in Vista without conflict, he said.

The Windows Vista-ready version of Deployment Solution is available now. Application Compatibility Suite will be available later this spring.

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