NIST releases IRS schema checker

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has posted an online tool for testing Extensible Markup Language schemas against the Internal Revenue Service's Naming and Design Rules.

The service is an addition to NIST's Quality of Design Tool, a set of online services that test XML schemas for conformance against a given set of design rules. After registering, users submit schemas through a Web form. The schemas are automatically evaluated and the results are returned through an updated Web page.

'The test profile may be used by developers of XML schemas for the IRS to see whether [they] are meeting the IRS guidelines,' according to a NIST announcement.

The Internal Revenue Service's Naming and Design Rules is that agency's internal syntax for naming XML components such as types, elements and attributes. It is based on the Universal Business Language and the Electronic Business using Extensible Markup Language, or EbXML.

QOD is one of a number of toolsNIST offers for help in developing XML schemas.

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Joab Jackson is the senior technology editor for Government Computer News.

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