Unisys' next-generation mainframes

Unisys yesterday unveiled the first models of the company's next-generation server architecture designed to help organizations implement a more agile information technology infrastructure and move more easily to a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

The new models of the ClearPath family of mainframe-class enterprise servers are based on multi-core Intel Xeon processors. Company officials plan to deliver a common platform architecture that will enable all Unisys enterprise servers to leverage Intel processor technology.

The ClearPath Dorado Model 400 and Libra model 400 series support advanced releases of the Unisys OS 2200 and MCP operating environments, company officials said. Both operating-system platforms are fully compatibility with applications that run on previous ClearPath systems.

Transitioning Unisys' operating environments onto the multicore Intel platform will enable users to take advantage of emerging open standards while preserving and extending their investments in strategic applications, said Bill Maclean, vice president of Unisys' ClearPath programs.

The server architecture will allow four operating environments ' Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unisys OS 2200 and MCP ' to run concurrently on the same computer system in a single virtualized partition, officials said. Unisys has integrated virtualization and management capabilities so server resources can be shared with business services from any combination of those operating platforms.

A new release of the MCP operating system includes support for Java software enhanced to run in a ClearPath environment based on Intel Xeon processors. Both OS 2200 and MCP have capabilities that let users implement SOA more easily. They can create an application environment that provides more interoperability between existing application components and new business services that are based on open standards, company officials said.

The ClearPath Dorado models 420 and 430 are based on the dual-core Intel Xeon 7100 series processors. The ClearPath Libra 400 is based on the quad-core Intel Xeon 5300 series processors.

Pricing for the Dorado model 400 begins at $200,000. The Dorado 430 offers a metering capability that lets users pay for the exact amount of processing power they use as they use it.

The Libra model 400 for basic workloads is also priced from $200,000. Other pricing options are available, providing entry points as low as $32,000, company officials said.

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