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Beanshell: BeanShell is a simple scripting language that very closely resembles Java, and runs in the Java Runtime Environment, allowing developers to very quickly set up and run test programs.

JavaFX: JavaFX is Sun Microsystems' newly introduced scripting language for developing Web interfaces and multimedia applications. It provides an easy interface to the Java Swing and Java 2D libraries.

Jawk: Jawk is a version of the Awk scripting language for Java. It does not currently run under the Java Virtual Machine, but will in the future, according to the developers behind Jawk.

JRuby: JRuby is the Java implementation of the popular Ruby scripting language, one that operates within a Java framework and allows developers to call Java classes from within a JRuby script. The developers are working to make JRuby-based applications run as quickly as those written in native Ruby.

Jython: Jython is a version of the Python scripting language designed to run on a Java platform. It can be used as an interactive interpreter to test out Java classes or as a way to produce compact code.

Groovy: Groovy is a dynamically-typed language that looks very similar to Java. Groovy code compiles to Java bytecode so it can run on the Java Virtual Machine, and even has features not found in Java itself, such as closures. Grails is the rapid application deployment framework for Groovy.

In addition to these languages, support for non-Java scripting languages is being offered for Java developer environments. Version 6 of the NetBeans integrated developer environment will include support for the Ruby scripting language. Additional resources can also be found at the Java Scripting Developer resource Web page.

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