Meet the new benchmark

With the reviews in this issue, the GCN Lab begins using a brand new benchmark from PassMark Software of Australia. We selected PassMark because, unlike many system performance measurements, the PassMark software will tell you exactly why a system scored high or low. Besides an overall score, you can see if memory, 3-D or 2-D graphics performance, disk access times or memory read times, for example, caused a system to perform quickly or slowly. Because of this, the GCN Lab can better recommend the correct system for a specific use.

Say a system is a little slow but rockets forward with raw number-crunching. That system might still be perfect for an office primarily concerned with data processing. And the new benchmarks will let us know that.

PassMark Software was established in 1998, and its product portfolio consists primarily of utility applications in the Windows operating-system environment, with two of its best-known programs being the benchmarking application PerformanceTest and the stress-testing BurnInTest software.

PassMark has also recently ventured into test-case management (TestLog) and wireless connectivity (WirelessMon) with great success. WirelessMon's mapping function has been particularly popular with network administrators seeking to ensure sufficient coverage and security for their wireless networks.

You can learn more about PassMark or pick up a copy of the new benchmarks yourself (there is a trial version you can download for free) at

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