Eizo s2431W is best in show

GCN Lab Reviewer's Choice

Eizo s2431W

BIG WINNER: Eizo's s2431W had the best overall quality.

Image Quality: A+

Features: A

Value: A

Price: $1,299

Pros: Excelled at every display test, uniform screen brightness, big screen.

Cons: Nothing significant.

The Eizo s2431W is a widescreen monitor that measures 24 inches along the diagonal, making it one of the largest in this review. It also is hands-down the best in terms of overall quality, which is surprising considering the size of the screen. The s2431W placed number one or two in every test.

GCN Lab Reviewer's ChoiceThe most impressive feature of the monitor is the uniformity of screen brightness. The center of the screen is almost exactly the same in terms of brightness as either the edges or the corners, making the monitor perfect even when looking at maps or medical images where slight differences in shading can mean big differences in reality. The edges of the screen are only 3 percent less bright than the center, the lowest variance in the review and not at all noticeable.

The s2431W also has the best pure black in the review, with no light bleeding onto the screen. The darkness, which is the base for many images, is completely uniform throughout the display, which contributes to the LCD's ability to display extremely fine details.

Color quality is also precise, with extremely vivid and accurate colors. It has the truest green in the review, and a perfect paper white, too. The monitor works best when set to its native resolution of 1,920 by 1,200, though it looks great at lower resolutions, too.

In terms of extras, the s2431W has a brightness regulator that will automatically sense the light level in a room and compensate. This is good if the LCD is placed in an office where the light levels change throughout the day, such as one with a large window facing the rising or setting sun. The monitor stand tilts and rotates the display in all directions, and the entire screen can be moved from widescreen to portrait orientation.

The $1,299 list price makes the s2431W one of the most expensive in the review, but this is definitely a case of getting what you pay for. A display this crisp and this large is worth every penny. The s2431W earns a Reviewer's Choice designation.

Eizo Nano Technologies, (800) 800-5202 x300, www.eizo.com

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