NEC LCD2490UXi excelled in all display categories

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SCREEN STAR: The 24-inch NEC LCD2490UXi excelled in all display categories, especially readable text, and won a Reviewer's Choice designation.

Image Quality: A

Features: A+

Value: A-

Price: $1,351

Pros: Amazingly good controls, best in review at text display.

Cons: Slight orange tint to display of reds.

The NEC LCD2490UXi is a 24-inch, wide-screen LCD that performed great in all display testing and was the best in this review in one very important factor: readable text display.

Most office workers have to read text on their screens, so we look at a variety of fonts and sizes on the screen and also different colored backgrounds. In every one, text on the 2490UXi was crisp and readable, down even to a 6.5 point size for most fonts. If you have to read a lot, the 2490UXi offers a great display that won't induce eyestrain.

GCN Lab Reviewer's ChoiceThe 2490UXi is also very good at displaying high-intensity colors without bleeding and can accurately reproduce very fine color stepping without changing the hue or saturation of the native images. It also is extremely good at displaying fine images and was nearly as good in this area as the top-performing HP L2045w, which is five inches smaller.

Brightness is fairly uniform across the display, with only an unnoticeable 11 percent variance between the corners and the center.

The HP L2045w has an ingenious control scheme that features three horizontal and three vertical buttons. The screen lights up to display what each button does when pressed. The two sets of buttons are mirror images of one another.

Depending on how the screen is oriented in widescreen or portrait mode, you would use one or the other to adjust the screen and easily work the menus on the screen. Tweaking the performance of the 2490UXi is a breeze.

Also, the 2490UXi does the best job in this review of reducing the glare of objects in the room behind you. This may seem like a small matter, but the wrong lighting conditions can become a huge annoyance for users with lower-quality displays.

At $1,351, the 2490UXi is an expensive LCD. But it is a 24-inch display that handles itself extremely well, especially when displaying text output ' which is key for an office monitor ' in addition to video and images.

So if you want something big and good, the 2490UXi is a great choice. It earns a Reviewer's Choice designation for this review.

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John Breeden II is a freelance technology writer for GCN.


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