ViewSonic VG2230wm

GCN Lab Review | Even at $389, we think most users would feel they have bought a defective product

ViewSonic VG2230wm

BLINDED BY THE LIGHT: The VG2230wm has excessive light bleeding in from the top and bottom of the screen.

Image Quality: C-

Features: B

Value: C-

Price: $389

Pros: Nice turntable stand design, accurate greens.

Cons: Terrible light bleed, dark colors washed out, screen brightness not uniform.

The ViewSonic VG2230wm is a nice-looking display until you turn it on. Like the other ViewSonic in this review, this LCD has some flaws, but they are a bit more exaggerated on this unit.

The biggest problem with the VG2230wm is that there is a huge amount of light bleeding in from both the top and the bottom of the screen.

Especially at the bottom, where about a 1-inch area along the bezel is washed out by white backlight. This is a serious flaw because there is nothing a user can do to fix it.

LCDs can last 10 years or more, and nobody is going to want to live with a flaw like that for such a long time.

Even compensating for the light bleeding in, the screen is not uniformly bright. There is a 22 percent difference between the center and the corners, which most people will probably be able to notice.

The bleeding light and lack of uniformity combine to wash a lot of darker colors out when displayed on this LCD.

The VG2230wm does produce accurate greens and does an adequate job with text display. It also has the same innovative Lazy Susan stand as its sister monitor.
We could almost recommend the VG2230wm as an entry-level LCD, but the unfixable design flaw that leads to backlight bleeding in over the top and the bottom of the screen prevents this.

Even at $389, we think most users would feel they bought a defective product.

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