DOE ups computing power at weapons labs

The Energy Department has selected Voltaire to provide additional computing power to support the National Nuclear Security Administration's (NNSA) weapons programs.

The Voltaire Grid Backbone solutions will be a part of high-performance computer vendor Appro's Xtreme-X supercomputing clusters for the TLCC07 project. TLCC07 will consist of eight Linux-capacity clusters with up to 438 teraflops from 21 scalable units, offering much-needed computational support to NNSA weapons laboratories including Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos and Sandia.

'The TLCC07 clusters built from scalable units based on Voltaire InfiniBand technology will provide needed capacity computing resources for the Stockpile Stewardship program at all three Lab sites,' said Mark Seager, advanced computing technology lead at Lawrence Livermore.

A grid backbone solution such as Voltaire's is critical for building the eight clusters of various sizes because it will provide increased bandwidth and messaging rates, he said.

Voltaire's Grid Director ISR 2012 switch, which began shipping earlier this year, offers up to 288 ports of full 20 gigabits/sec InfiniBand connectivity and microsecond latencies that enable high-performance applications to run on distributed server, network and storage infrastructures.

The switch provides reliable packet delivery with ultralow error rates that ensure that jobs are completed and performance-robbing packet drops are eliminated, Voltaire officials said.

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Rutrell Yasin is is a freelance technology writer for GCN.


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