Complex event processing for the masses

Agent Logic has released a new version of its complex event processing (CEP) software offering improved ease-of-use and performance capabilities.

Unlike most CEP software, the company's RulePoint 2.5 is designed for nontechnical users. Improvements include a three-step wizard for creating rules that monitor multiple real-time data sources, an optimized rules engine that quadruples performance, and an event simulator that can replay past events and speed up rule scenario optimization, Agent Logic said.

An emerging class of software that is growing in importance in both the public and private sectors, CEP engines can detect patterns in intricate situations from multiple sources, giving analysts a deeper understanding of their business processes and events.

First used to analyze Wall Street trading transactions, CEP engines are being applied to intelligence and surveillance, battlefield command and control, and network monitoring. For instance, In-Q-Tel, the CIA's venture-capital arm and technology incubator, made a strategic investment in StreamBase Systems, a developer of CEP technology, earlier this year.

Using RulePoint 2.5, analysts can monitor, analyze and manage data located across systems and automatically channel alerts and appropriate information to other analysts, decision-makers or other systems.

RulePoint continuously observes and evaluates data events from traditional sources such as databases and message queues, as well as from Web services, RSS feeds, geospatial solutions and other event stream processing products. Users can implement rules to monitor and analyze multiple event feeds for specific patterns or correlate event activities across time, company officials said. Based on a specific outcome of a rule, they may also specify the actions that need to be taken, such as sending an e-mail message, generating a text message or triggering action on another system.

RulePoint is available for servers running Microsoft Windows, Sun Microsystems' Solaris, and Linux, in multiple CPU configurations. The software's browser-based user interface supports Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla Foundation's Firefox. RulePoint also includes Agent Logic's browser-based Real-Time Alert Manager for managing, prioritizing and redirecting alerts.

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