Vista upgrade: Are you ready?

Think your office is ready to upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista? The folks at Quest Software have a checklist of items to consider before taking the big plunge.

1. Have you identified all potential compatibility issues?

  • Hardware requirements need to be met
  • Vista-compatible drivers need to be available for your hardware
  • Applications need to be Vista-compatible; make sure you check with your software vendors.

2. What is your upgrade process?

  • Pick a pilot group for the upgrade
  • If doing a hardware refresh, plan to do data and settings migration
  • If re-using the hardware, keep in mind that not all legacy Windows versions can be upgraded to Vista in-place

3. Have you set new Vista features deployment expectations properly?

  • Some features might require Windows Server, codenamed Longhorn, to be on the back end, which won't be out until the second half of 2007 at the earliest
  • Some features might be Vista-only, so deploying them in a heterogeneous environment might require a third-party solution
  • Do your employees need training to take advantage of this new technology?
  • What do support and help desk personnel need to prepare for an upgrade?
  • What preparation do users need for a Vista upgrade? What is the plan for training and policy revision?

Source: Steve Dickson and Dmitry Sotnikov, Quest Software

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