Used munitions now on eBay

Build or buy your own military computer with surplus parts bought online

If you were quickly bored by the lightweight, plastic G.I. Joes you received for Christmas, you'll be glad to know that eBay now offers real, used military equipment at surprisingly affordable prices.

With bids starting at $250, eBay is auctioning off an AN/USQ-78(V) Lockheed P-3 aircraft display control set.

The unit was used on P-3C antisubmarine aircraft, manufactured for the Naval Air Systems Command by Magnavox Electronic Systems Co., and is described as being in very good condition, with its housing "unpunctured."

The 100-pound set could add that vintage arms race look to any d'cor.
A disclaimer says that the set is a "munitions list" item, which means it is controlled by the U.S. government, and in many cases can not be transferred (exported, sold or given) to a foreign country or a non-U.S. citizen without authorization from the State or Commerce departments.

If you're still searching for that special something to beef up your bunker, check out the Soviet goggles for light radiation of nuclear explosion, also up for auction on eBay.

Consider that a tinfoil hat only offers minimal protection, and these Soviet goggles are a steal, starting at $49.99.

The optimism of the 'Ebasian' community members is reflected in the fact that the Soviet nuclear explosion protection goggles also haven't attracted bids.
Military policy calls for Pentagon officials to review items that the Defense Department releases into the stream of used computer equipment. But somehow, such surplus computer equipment does migrate into the private sector by various means.
The market in used military chips and boards is partly composed of surplus dealers centered around Pentagon surplus disposition offices at Wright-Patterson AFB near Dayton, Ohio. Dealers in obsolete military equipment at times find themselves selling the gear back to the military, because shortages of the specialized components force Pentagon organizations to scour the surplus markets for mil-spec chips and boards.

EBay offers bargains on much of the military computer equipment offered for sale by its member stores.

For example, if you found yourself in the position of having to verify the effectiveness of the aircraft countermeasures test set you have built in your garage, as a means of dispersing aluminum foil "chaff" to fake out radar signals, what better tool than a AN/ALE-47 Military Aircraft Countermeasure Test Set. The government paid $4,997 for this puppy, but you can walk away with it for $75.

On a similar note, you can satisfy your yearn for an HP Desktop Vectra VL Corporate Military Computer PC at for the eminently fair price of $299. Two bidders have entered offers on that item so far.

A final example of the wealth of military computing equipment available online can help you keep your bearings in the F-15 aircraft that you might be able to beg, borrow, steal or manufacture in today's market-oriented, globalized economy. Check for a AN/ASN-108 Military F-15 Aircraft Navigational Computer, now available on a 'buy it now basis' for $ 200. 'No payments for three months with the eBay MasterCard,' the online auction site helpfully offers. Happy landings.

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