OGC seeks proposals for sensor data networks

The Open Geospatial Consortium is soliciting proposals for the 2008 round of the Empire Challenge Pilot.

The pilot program, which is being sponsored by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, is designed to test the effectiveness of applications using OGC standard interfaces to collect and manipulate sensor data, such as that transmitted from Predator drones.

'The Empire Challenge is a defense demonstration,' OGC Executive Director Sam Bacharach told GCN. 'This is our first real effort to put [standardized sensor applications] into an environment where we actually work with end users and see how they work and evaluate them for robustness, for their ability to work fast enough, and so on.'

The goal of achieving an accepted standard, said Bacharach, is to simplify implementations, increase flexibility of data management and bring down costs.

'What we're trying to do is organize the sensor world to be used through a service-oriented architecture, so a user at a terminal could ask for information and receive information from a military Predator with exactly the same message set, the same terminal, that he would use to receive information from an NASA Predator that they use for firefighting help in California,' he said. 'The point is to get to the level where you don't have to have multiple interfaces and multiple kinds of software to access and control multiple sensors. The operators only have to worry about how to use one kind of software.'

Responses from vendors are due Jan. 24. Selected deployments will be completed by June 22 and a four-week demonstration will take place in July. According to Bacharach, the pilot will be conducted on an open environment on an OGC network.

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