NSA certifies secure method for fax transmissions

Life just got simpler for anyone wanting
to fax classified or sensitive material,
especially for those who already
have General Dymanics'
Sect'ra Wireline
Terminal (SWT)
devices. The National
Security Agency has
certified a software
upgrade for the
Sect'ra Wireline
devices and Black
Digital Interface (BDI)
devices that will allow
users to employ them
for top secret and
below transmissions
and thus avoid having to use more
expensive, specialized fax machines.

To ensure interoperability, both sending
and receiving fax machines must
be connected to a SWT/BDI. New
SWT and BDI devices can be ordered
with the fax capability, which ' along
with the ability to secure voice and
data using digital or analog telephones
and personal computers '
maintains interoperability with Secure
Communications Interoperability
Protocol devices.

With its small size and light weight,
SWT is designed for users on the
move. In addition, SWT
meets the standards of
the Sectel Design and
Verification Test
Procedure for temperature,
shock and vibration.
The terminal is
available with multiple
key sets to support U.S.
interoperability, and the
NATO Military
Committee has approved
the SWT for the encryption of
all levels of NATO classified information.

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