BenQ MP622

GCN Lab review

The BenQ MP622 would be at home in a government boardroom or the penthouse suite of a Manhattan artist. Its black-and-steel design with just a hint of a purple ring is a real eye-catcher, especially considering that we in the lab almost never notice things like that.

We also noticed that the MP622 was the only projector in the review to produce a completely solid image across its entire projected field without a single lumen drop-off between the corners of the screen and the middle.

With a reading of 1,150 lumens and color quality that is close to spot-on, images will appear as intended under almost any lighting conditions.

The MP622 can properly render dark images on a black background and is very good at color stepping ' that is, the ability to show even fine differences between color hues without bleeding.

The MP622 was able to render clearly accurate letters crisply in a variety of fonts on a variety of backgrounds down to an average of a 6.5-point size. This made it the best projector in the review in terms of text display, an important consideration for most office presentations.

And the BenQ can also hold its own after dark, acing our color registration tests that demonstrate a projector's suitability for video display. It was perfect when testing a blinking greenand- red color grid and nearly perfect with blue and red ' everything you need for video.

On the negative side, there was a very slight moir' effect when displaying images on gray fields ' we will refrain from begging yet again for a DVI input ' and the greens were a bit too yellow on our color chart, which is odd given that red and blue were nearly flawless. And although it scored high on dark images, very light images were somewhat washed out on light backgrounds.

The MP622 still earned the only A+ for performance in this review, which makes the low $1,099 price even more tempting.

The biggest problem is, well, its 'biggest' problem. The MP622 is a tad large to be considered an ultraportable. The blocky 5-pound, 7-ounce unit barely squeezes into its carrying case, as if it were trying to squeeze into a pair of old jeans to fool us into thinking it's smaller than it really is. The MP622 would look great in a conference room ' or your living room, if you were so lucky ' but lugging it around on business trips is probably not something you want to do when there are smaller, lighter units with only slightly lower performance ratings.

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John Breeden II is a freelance technology writer for GCN.


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