U-blox counts in nanoseconds

Product Spotlight: U-blox LEA-5T

U-blox_LEA-5T GPS moduleU-blox AG, a Swiss developer of Global Positioning System products, has introduced the LEA-5T, a precision-timing GPS module accurate to within 15 nanoseconds.

The device, which needs only a single satellite to operate, is designed for telecommunications-network synchronization and applications that need time-accurate data communications, such as WiMax base stations. Powered by the 50-channel U-blox 5 positioning engine, the LEA- 5T dedicated acquisition engine is capable of doing massive parallel time/frequency space searches, providing a time to first fix of less than one second. The engine's 160-dBm sensitivity enables acquisition and tracking performance in the most difficult signal environments, including urban canyons and covert locations.

Once GPS signals are acquired, the acquisition engine passes them to a dedicated tracking engine and switches off.

The LEA-5T is priced at $199.


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