Revised tables for PIV unique identifiers released

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has issued a revised set of organization codes to be used in creating the Card Holder Unique Identifier required for the Personal Identity Verification card.

NIST Special Publication 800-87, 'Codes for the Identification of Federal and Federally-Assisted Organizations, Revision 1 ' 2008,' provides information for implementing Federal Information Processing Standard 201.

Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 requires interoperable standards for identity credentials used for physical and logical access to federal facilities and information technology systems. FIPS 201 establishes standards for the credentials, which include the unique identifier for each card holder. The PIV Federal Agency Smart Credential Number is a component of that identifier, and SP 800-87 contains the codes used to create it.

The codes are based on the two-character Treasury Agency Symbol (TAS) used in the federal budgetary process to identify major federal organizations. The first two characters of the code are the TAS. The last two characters of the code are to be assigned based on the individual's place in the organizational hierarchy, from the office of the chief executive ' which would be 01 ' to lower administrative or programmatic components. Letters ' AA through ZZ ' are used for international organizations.

Code groups for the branches of government and Cabinet-level agencies and departments are:
  • 0000 Legislative branch
  • 1000'Judicial branch
  • 1100'Executive Office of the President
  • 1200'Agriculture Department
  • 1300'Commerce Department
  • 9700'Defense Department (except military departments)
  • 5700'Air Force Department
  • 2100'Army Department
  • 1700'Navy Department
  • 9100'Education Department
  • 8900'Energy Department
  • 7500'Health and Human Services Department
  • 7000'Homeland Security Department
  • 8600'Housing and Urban Development Department
  • 1400'Interior Department
  • 1500'Justice Department
  • 1600'Labor Department
  • 1900'State Department
  • 6900'Transportation Department
  • 2000'Treasury Department
  • 3600'Veterans Affairs Department

Codes added or changed in the revised version of SP 800-87 are: 9528'Office of the Federal Coordinator, Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects, 7521'Office of the Surgeon General, 7505'Office of Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management, 7510'Office of Assistant Secretary for Resources and Technology, 7512'Office of Assistant Secretary for Public Response, and 8906'Office of Hearings and Appeals.

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